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Athlete Aide - Creating business mindsets now for a great life after sport


Service Partners

Credible leaders in their field

Photo: Dr Tom Little - Head of Performance at Sheffield United FC

Trusted Service Partners


Athlete Aide has carefully selected & secured partners who share our passion for athlete welfare. We’ve also removed elements of private referral fees to ensure transparency, integrity and that your welfare & development remains our top priority. We are excited to partner with such professionals who share this passion too, and we'll be announcing some more partners shortly.

Health & Nutrition


Colour-Fit was designed to simplify the main goals of sports nutrition performance, health and body composition.


Colour-Fit Charts use colours and icons to categorise meals into proportions of Fuel, Lean Muscle and Health foods.



Nutrition & Fitness

If you require personalised strength & conditioning sessions or nutritional advice then contact Dr Tom Little direct.


Tom has vast experience in sport and is a leading figure especially in football.


Get fit with Tom on insta!


Dr Tom Little

Performance & Nutrition Specialist.



New partners to be announced soon!

Athlete Aide

Creating business mindsets now for a great life after sport.

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