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Athlete Aide - Creating business mindsets now for a great life after sport


About Us

Our ethos & athlete aides

Photo: Ethan Mcpherson ex British tennis player & now elite tennis coach

Our Ethos


We have worked with young athletes over the years and have guided them and their families to consider diverse & sustainable revenue streams outside of sport. We want to help increase the diversity of choice regarding pathways for development off the field, which is underlined by a strong focus on improving & sustaining good mental health. Our secret formula has been tried and tested and now we are ready to execute this empowering strategy to increase your performance, wellbeing and subsequent value too.

Athlete Aides


As a Design-led PR & Management Consultant since 2014 I have worked with a diverse range of clients, from elite Tennis pros to HNW individuals and leaders in Fashion & Film. I’ve pitched prize winning product concepts to global brands TOM TOM, 3M and Marks & Spencer resulting in global trade show exposure.


I currently volunteer with a sports charity that helps young athletes access elite careers. My recent concerns have been how management agencies swoop in to secure their signatures, with very little attention given to the player & the family regarding life after sport. Add to this the recent trend of elite athletes going bankrupt in retirement & suffering mental ill health too . . . I felt obliged to act.


London born & bred I studied Industrial Design & Technology but fell in love with Graphic Design. A disciplined cyclist and now retired indoor 5 a-side legend. My superpower is bringing people together & building strong teams. I build role models!


New Athlete Aides to be announced soon!

Athlete Aide

Creating business mindsets now for a great life after sport.

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