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Athlete Aide - Creating business mindsets now for a great life after sport





Julius Just

CEO Just Associates

& Celebrity PR Consultant

Occasionally one comes across a person who is extremely capable, proficient and a pleasure to deal with. Taj Singh (TC) is one of these people.

Nothing was too much trouble and he dealt with everything as a priority.


I can recommend Taj 100%.


Dr Tom Little

Head of Performance at

Sheffield Utd FC


I'd highly recommend collaborating

with Taj.

I'll admit that he initially took me way out of my comfort zone but he was there to guide me through all the novel practices, lend expert design & business marketing help and provide encouragement when needed.


The results have been amazing with my network increasing considerably with benefits to all facets of the business.


Gavin Strachan

First Team Coach

Celtic FC

I cannot speak highly enough about the service that Athlete Aide provides.


By taking me out of my comfort zone, they put me on a new path where I am more confident and informed about what my skill sets are and how I can use them via many different platforms.


They are very accessible and helped me through every step of the way.


Ethan Mcpherson

Fashion Concept Artist

& Celebrity Stylist

I was once managed by a PR mogul who developed some of the world’s biggest stars in music & sport. After working with TC it was clear he was just as talented but more importantly, his ethics and transparency was what got me.


As a fellow designer he also understood my creative mindset. His business development is fresh.


He thinks differently!

Athlete Aide

Creating business mindsets now for a great life after sport.

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